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Paul Wedgwood speaking at London's Free to Play Summit later this month

WarChest co-founder and CEO Paul Wedgwood will be speaking at the Free to Play Summit here in London later this month. Kicking off on 18 April at 12:30, Paul's talk is titled 'AAApex Predators: Evil Free-to-Play is Easy Prey'and will show how AAA studios can successfully approach the free-to-play genre and gain an advantage over existing games in the space.

Here's the official synopsis of Paul's talk:

AAApex Predators: Evil Free-to-Play is Easy Prey

We all know that great AAA games require huge budgets and years of development time to mature. Blockbuster production values seem incompatible with Free-to-Play, and this transition from packaged goods to digital distribution is causing an industry-wide blood-bath. Those of us that serve both gaming markets are feeling pretty cocky, but a countdown has started. As increasing investment chases finite consumer attention, studios will only succeed when they offer blockbuster-quality games that are free. Paul will show how AAA studios can employ ethical gameplay telemetry, or ‘White-Hat Analytics’, to gain an unassailable advantage; giving players the lower cost and greater convenience of free-to play, and blockbuster AAA quality, all by putting players first.

The Free to Play Summit takes place on 18 April 2013 at Rich Mix in London. For more information, visit the F2P Summit website. We hope to see you there!