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New RAD Soldiers update adds iPhone 5 support and much more!

Update: We recommend deleting and installing RAD Soldiers from scratch to ensure everything updates properly.

Original post: We've been hard at work on a new update for RAD Soldiers, and it's now available in all of our limited release territories – that’s Canada, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, and Sweden! If you don't live in those countries and are itching to play, be sure to enter our Early Access giveaway – we regularly add new users through that.

This latest RAD Soldiers update contains support for the iPhone 5 and a bunch of nips and tucks that make RAD Soldiers easier to get into and play. Here's the full list of goodness:

iPhone 5 support
Experience RAD Soldiers in glorious widescreen on the iPhone 5's Retina display.

Get into games faster!
You now get to take your first turn immediately after creating a new multiplayer match. No more waiting around before getting into the action!

Overhauled squad customisation
We've refitted the Barracks and it now includes all of the squad and Soldier customisation options that were previously spread out over several different menus. Get more weapons, try out new outfits, and change your load-outs – it’s all right there!

New squad customisation!

Tweaked pricing
Speaking of which, we've tweaked more prices based on your feedback. You're now able to expand your squad with additional Soldiers and weapons sooner to get into those tempting 20 point games.

Better friends list
We've rebuilt the friends menu – it's now easier to find friends already playing, and there are new options to invite those that haven't experienced RAD Soldiers yet.

New Friends Invite Options!

Improved HUD
Victory status is now always visible, so you know how far away you are from winning a match. For forward-looking types, the enemy's starting position is now marked on the map at the start of a game, so you know where your opponent will be attacking from.

More helpful tooltips
We've reworked most of the tooltips to be easier to understand, and we've added tooltips to explain abilities you haven't used before and other important features – less guesswork, more fun!

Many smaller improvements
We've made numerous smaller improvements to things like button icons and menu flows, so it's now easier to find your way around RAD Soldiers.

The RAD Soldiers team is also still hard at work on the worldwide release and we hope to have an update on that later in the month. In the meantime, a Big Huge Thanks to everyone continuing to give us feedback on the RAD Soldiers forums, Twitter, and Facebook. Keep it coming!

If you've downloaded the update, be sure let us know what you think of the improvements in the comments below!