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RAD Soldiers: Party in Rio - a first look at our biggest update yet!

Howdy, RAD Soldiers players. You've been absolutely fantastic - playing for absolutely staggering amounts of time, crafting all kinds of bonkers strategies, posting hugely positive reviews in the App Store, and, best of all, giving us tons of great feedback via email, the forums, and social media.

Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work on a huge update for the game called Party in Rio, and it incorporates many of your suggestions as well as a few of our own. We’ve added a brand-new location, a completely redesigned single player experience, new missions, maps, Soldiers and weapons, a huge balancing update, and countless smaller improvements. Best of all, this update will be a free download.

In this blog update, we’d like to give you an early look at what you can expect from Party in Rio. Read on for all the explosive/intense/sun-baked details!

Welcome to Rio - New Maps & Missions!

Let’s start with the biggest part of this update - Party in Rio whisks our soldiers away to a brand-new locale: Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro. You’ll get to explore the many different facets of Rio across six new maps that have been built from the ground-up for this pack. Each of the maps brings a different feel to the party (sorry) – some are focused on close quarters combat right from the get-go while others are great for slugging it out at range. With so much variety, we think the new maps will be a great addition to the game.

Redesigned Single Player

From the feedback we’ve had, many of you love the single player challenges. So, for this update, we’ve rebuilt the entire single player experience from the ground up to make it deeper and more fun to explore. We’ve even added your friends into the mix!

Once you’ve selected a city and mission pack, you’ll see the reworked Challenge map showing your progress, how well you’ve been doing, and where your friends are. It won't stop here, though - we're already planning to improve this further in future updates to make it even more fun and replayable.

Party in Rio contains a brand-new (and free!) mission pack set in the titular city, allowing you to fight your way through nine missions set in three new maps - Beach, Favela, and Old Town. And if you’re itching for even more missions to tackle, we’ve added two expansion sets into the mix. Afterparty gives you another nine missions in three more Brazilian maps (Lapa, Centro, and Construction), while Biggest Ben is stuffed with new, London-based tactical conundrums set within the Westminster, Embankment, and Suburbs maps.

New Soldiers & Weapons

Of course, we can’t travel halfway across the world without throwing new Soldiers into the mix. Enter Tito Tesla and Tree Mendez, your newest recruits.

Equipped with a teleport grenade, Tito is an Agent who can mix things right up by beaming a selected character to a random location. It’s great for clearing the objective area or getting a melee character out of striking distance. Tito also comes with the new Electri-fryer sniper rifle, combining medium damage with a humongous range of nine tiles. Harass away!

In more intimate engagements we find Tree Mendez, a heavy Commando equipped with the Trunkquilizer. This handy ability damages everything in a massive five-tile swath and can be positively devastating if used at the right moment. Fittingly, Mr Mendez comes with the Lumber Numberer axe by default, making him a formidable damage dealer.

In addition to the Electri-fryer, Party in Rio also includes a new toy for Medics – the Spray’n’Pray SMG. At 5 squad points, it’s top of its class and finally lets Medics dish out a bit of damage. Yay, Medics.

Under the Hood: Improved AI, Expiring Matches, & Balancing

But that’s not all. Rio comes with a myriad of other improvements. We’ve listened to your feedback on inactive games and our programmers have squeezed in some extra logic to award the poor waiting player all the coins accumulated in that game so far if it ends through inaction.

On the single player side, we’ve reworked the AI to be smarter. It will no longer hesitate to use the special abilities of its Soldiers, which should make challenges a lot more interesting to play (as if you needed another reason to try the new single player!).

Another area you’ve influenced a great deal is balancing. Having read hundreds of your emails, forum posts, and tweets, we’ve put together a comprehensive bundle of balancing tweaks affecting most of the Soldiers in the game. We think these tweaks will make some of the lesser used Soldiers much more interesting, and we can’t wait to see what new squad compositions and tactics you come up with. Since the list is quite extensive, we’ve covered it in a separate blog entry focused on balancing.

We hope you enjoyed this look at Party in Rio. The update is available in the App Store now!

Before we run off, we’d love to know which of the Party in Rio features you’re looking forward to most. Let us know in the comments!