RAD Soldiers

Assemble a squad of fearless soldiers and lead them into explosive, turn-based battles against your friends!

Use the outrageous special abilities of your mighty mercs to turn the tide of battle and come up with hilarious new ways to leave your opponents eating your shrapnel/bullets/dust. Level up your squad as you play to master new abilities and use the spoils of war to unlock brand-new soldiers, weapons, and outfits.

Created by the award-winning developers of BRINK™ and the Enemy Territory™ games, RAD Soldiers is a salvo of engaging tactical action created exclusively for iOS.

  • Send your squad into turn-based multiplayer battles
  • Use the unique abilities of your soldiers to turn the tide
  • Unlock new soldiers, weapons, and outfits for your ever-growing army
  • Play whenever, wherever thanks to turn-based gameplay
  • Hone your skills offline in single player challenges
  • Supports GameCenter and Retina Displays including iPhone 5
  • Developed with accessibility support from SpecialEffect


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