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The wait is over, Tempo has officially launched on the iOS App Store!

We’re excited to announce that Tempo is now available world-wide. Dive into Tempo’s premium explosive cinematic action right this very second by downloading it here.

Introducing Tempo, a Cinematic Action Game, Exclusively for iOS

London is on a short fuse; rigged to blow by a wealthy psychopath and his private army. With only a handful of Special Forces Operatives on the ground, the fate of the city falls on you! Tempo sets a new bar for cinematic mobile gaming, combining slick, reflex-driven gameplay with exceptional visuals and audio production. The game is set for release in early 2015.

Quick Matches, Collectable Cards & more launch on RAD Soldiers!

It’s with a great deal of joy, and smiles as wide as the back end of a London bus, that we bring you yet another update to RAD Soldiers!

We've Hit 2 Million Player Accounts! Free RAD Bux Up For Grabs Inside!

Goodness - we've just hit 2 million registered player accounts for WarChest and Splash Damage! It's hard to believe that just over 12 months ago, we launched our very first self-created, owned, and published game with RAD Soldiers - a big milestone for the studio. We've had countless of happy players since, and we're not afraid to celebrate a little with you. To mark the occasion, we're giving away 500 RAD Bux to 5 lucky, random posters. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and we'll pick the lucky winners on Friday.

Happy Birthday, RAD Soldiers: RAD Bux Bundles are 50% Off!

RAD Soldiers has been out on iOS for a whole year! The game not only conquered the App Store charts upon its release but also garnered great feedback from players in the process.

To celebrate, all RAD Bux bundles in the iOS version of RAD Soldiers are half price until 20 January. Now's the time to beef up your squad and get it ready for a whole new year of turn-based battling!

Happy birthday, RAD Soldiers!

Latest RAD Soldiers iOS Update Adds Loot Crates, Missions

We've just released a new update for the iOS version of RAD Soldiers. The two biggest additions in this update are the Loot Crates from the Chrome Web Store version, along with a new, free Challenge Pack creatively titled 'Party Hardest'.

Loot Crates will spawn randomly during single player missions. If you manage to pick one up and win the mission, you'll get to open the Crate. Each crate contains a random reward, which can be anything from a weapon or an outfit all the to a full-blown Soldier.

Here's the full changelog for this update:

Latest RAD Soldiers Chrome Update Adds New Languages

We've released a new update for the Chrome Web Store version of RAD Soldiers, adding several languages to mix. The game is now available French, Germany, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese, and will automatically try to select the right language based on your Google Chrome language settings. We've also added a new quick access bar containing links to the RAD Soldiers forums, game news, the support website, and a few others, so you'll be able to more quickly find your way around the RAD Soldiers community.

Here's the full changelog for this update:

RAD Soldiers arrives on PC - play it now for free!

Following its successful iOS debut late last year, RAD Soldiers is available for PC right now as a free download in the Chrome Web Store. Read on for information about the game and how to get it!

Our biggest-ever RAD Soldiers Balancing Update is now live - full list of changes inside!

Commanders, the latest RAD Soldiers update is now available for download in the App Store, and brings with it the latest amount of balance changes we've ever made. In a nutshell, we're boosting weapon and ability damage across the board to increase the general pace of the game; look for a full break-down of all our tweaks later in this post.

New RAD Soldiers Update Adds In-Game Chat and More!

We’ve just deployed a new game update for RAD Soldiers, bringing a bunch of brand-new features to the game, including in-game chat, friends leaderboards, and trying out new Soldiers. Read on for details!