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New RAD Soldiers Update Adds In-Game Chat and More!

We’ve just deployed a new game update for RAD Soldiers, bringing a bunch of brand-new features to the game, including in-game chat, friends leaderboards, and trying out new Soldiers. Read on for details!

Undeniably of the most requested features, in-game chat makes its heroic/flamboyant/suave entrance in this update. You can now attach a message for your opponent when you send your turn, and they’ll get to see that once they load the match on their end.

We’ve also got something for you single player aficionados out there: Each challenge now features a friends leaderboard showing the three best players for that challenge, so you know where you stand compared to your friends. It’s the second most perfect way to shove tactical supremacy right in their faces (the first being a drubbing in multiplayer, of course).

In other exciting news, you can now try out Soldiers you haven’t yet recruited and give them a go on a small practice map. Great for investing those coins wisely!

On the fix front, Dee Hatlacker fans will be happy to know that the Shield-o-Bot is once again able to move into tiles previously occupied by a dead Soldier, and there are many smaller fixes in the update too.

To install this update, simply head to the Updates tab in the App Store and select RAD Soldiers.

Which of these new features you’re most excited about? Let us know in the comments!