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Our biggest-ever RAD Soldiers Balancing Update is now live - full list of changes inside!

Commanders, the latest RAD Soldiers update is now available for download in the App Store, and brings with it the latest amount of balance changes we've ever made. In a nutshell, we're boosting weapon and ability damage across the board to increase the general pace of the game; look for a full break-down of all our tweaks later in this post.

Going hand-in-hand with the balance changes, we've also tweaked the London and Rio challenge packs, and they'll now offer a more consistent difficulty curve. Speaking of challenges, we've also improved their tally screens to how display your score, so you can immediatey see how well you did compared to previous attempts. Really great for anyone looking to move up the friends leaderboard.

We've also fixed a whole bunch of bugs, including Detecto-Sweep inadvertently revealing your own deployables to the enemy and Engineers being unable to disarm enemy mines that have enemy Soldiers standing on them.

Right, on to the bit you've all been waiting for - here's the full list of balance changes:

Balance Changes


  • Boosted damage of all melee weapons by 10%
  • Boosted damage of all sniper rifles by 20%
  • Boosted damage of all other weapons by 30%


  • Trunquilizer: Boosted damage by 10%
  • Rocket Launcher: Boosted damage by 20%
  • Orbital Laser: Boosted damage by 10%
  • C4: Boosted damage by 20%
  • Gatling Turret: Boosted damage by 20% and increased health by 50
  • Rocket Turret: Boosted damage by 20% and increased health by 30
  • Explosive Crossbow: Boosted damage by 30%
  • Frag Grenade: Boosted damage by 30%
  • Squhurter: Boosted damage by 30%
  • Landmine: Boosted damage by 10% and health by 30
  • UAV: Boosted explosion damage by 30%
  • Flaming Nora: Boosted impact damage by 30%
  • Gas Grenade: Boosted impact damage by 30%
  • Concussion Grenade: Boosted impact damage by 30%
  • Healing Aura: Boosted effects by 50%
  • Medkit: Boosted effects by 50%
  • Health Crate: Boosted effects by 50%
  • Toolkit: Boosted  repair by 30%
  • Shield-o-bot: Increased health by 75
  • Deployo Cover: Increased health by 100
  • Bee Bomb: Boosted impact damage by 30%
  • Artillery: Boosted damage by 30%
  • Chains-Awesome: Increased Squad Point cost to 7 and Energy Cost to 5
  • Salad Jammer: Increased Squad Point cost of to 7 and Energy Cost to 5


  • Biffo LMG: Increased Energy Cost to 6
  • Hamjak: Increased Energy Cost to 6
  • Minimax: Increased Energy Cost to 7

The update is now available via the App Store - give it a go and let us know what you think!