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Latest RAD Soldiers Chrome Update Adds New Languages

We've released a new update for the Chrome Web Store version of RAD Soldiers, adding several languages to mix. The game is now available French, Germany, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese, and will automatically try to select the right language based on your Google Chrome language settings. We've also added a new quick access bar containing links to the RAD Soldiers forums, game news, the support website, and a few others, so you'll be able to more quickly find your way around the RAD Soldiers community.

Here's the full changelog for this update:

  • Added five new languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese
  • Added a links bar offering quick access to game news, community forums, support, and more
  • Fixed store displaying wrong currency in certain territories
  • Fixed AI occasionally attacking non-stunnable enemies with EMP grenade
  • Game no longer freezes when trying to open a crate without any keys

Google Chrome should automatically install the update if it's running. If you haven't yet checked out the PC version of RAD Soldiers, drop whatever you're doing and head over to the Chrome Web Store to download it for free.

Update: If the new quick links bar is obscuring part of your game window, please delete and reinstall RAD Soldiers to fix this.