April 2012

Welcome to WarChest!

We're thrilled to be officially launching WarChest today, a brand-new publisher of free digitally distributed games with high production values for all leading platforms. WarChest joins Splash Damage and Fireteam to complete a vertically integrated family of companies that is able to fund, develop, and operate connected games. For more information about WarChest, check out the announcement press release.

Announcing RAD Soldiers, WarChest's First Game Developed By Splash Damage

We’re delighted to be announcing WarChest's first title today – RAD Soldiers. RAD Soldiers is developed by our friends over at Splash Damage and we’re very excited about it. It's a turn-based, multi-class tactics game, bringing a few of the classic Splash Damage gameplay elements to a new platform, along with, of course, multiplayer. Think of it as "Guns With Friends". Best of all, it’s going to be free. Freeeeee.

GamaSutra Previews RAD Soldiers

GamaSutra had the chance to get a first-hand look at RAD Soldiers, with WarChest's top men Paul Wedgwood and Richard Jolly walking them through the game. The resulting preview includes plenty of information about the game and reveals much of the thinking behind it - including how RAD Soldiers takes advantage of much of Splash Damage's trademark gameplay mechanics. Here's a quote:

"The most important thing on iOS for us was that it was multiplayer. We loved the idea that you could be on a train or a bus, and you could take a few turns and then just carry on with whatever you were doing before. You wouldn't have this feeling that you could only play it for an hour."

Head on over to GamaSutra to read the rest of the preview.

The Future of WarChest, Fireteam, and Splash Damage

Splash Damage, Fireteam, WarChest - how does it all fit together? As part of their recent visit, GamaSutra has published an information-packed feature, looking at each of the three companies, what they add to the overall family, and what you can expect from them in the future. Here's a slice:

"...about a year ago, we started to realize that there was this potential to achieve vertical integration as a company - to be the funder, creator, developer, operator, perhaps even the publisher of content that we created."

This is what led to both Fireteam and WarChest coming into existence, and Splash Damage's call-to-arms for free-to-play games that are both high-quality and non-exploitative.

"We're talking about games as a service," Wedgwood notes. "Rather than developing games purely for their first week, we think about long-term player engagement, not just for a couple of months, but for 2-5 years, and we can continue to serve that community post-release."

If you're interested in the business behind the businesses, this is a fantastic piece for you to sink your teeth into. Read the rest over at GamaSutra.