August 2012

Sign-ups Open for First RAD Soldiers Tournament Ever!

RAD Soldiers is currently in limited release in the frozen kingdom of Canada, and to celebrate, TrackBase has organised the first RAD Soldiers tournament ever. Sign-ups for the tournament are now open and will run until 10th August. Proceedings will kick off after with group stage matches followed by a knock-out phase.

Community Question: Spread vs. Recoil

Guns! They're a big part of shooters and, one might argue, the main characters you interact with. But how does one differentiate similar weapons from one another to make every single one a meaningful addition to the arsenal? Beyond obvious things like rate of fire, the two main protagonists we're looking at here are spread (increasing/decreasing the cone of fire based on distance to target) and recoil (kickback exhibited by the weapon while firing it). This brings us to this week's community question:

Community Question: Powering Class Abilities

Community, most class-based multiplayer games - including all of Splash Damage's past titles - feature special abilities that are usually tied to the combat role you've selected. Be it a Medic's health packs or a Lieutenant's airstrike marker, these abilities are usually limited in some fashion to prevent them being spammed. For example, Splash Damage has previously used energy meters that would slowly replenish. Another popular approach is to have each ability on a separate cooldown timer, so using one ability doesn't preclude you from firing off another.