January 2013

Community Question: Your Favourite RAD Soldiers soldier

Community, RAD Soldiers has now been out and about for a bit, and we hope you've had a chance to check it out (if not, go oooon). Let's talk soldiers. They're the essence of your squad and influence your tactics through their unique abilities and weapon load-outs. With so many choices available, we want you to use our latest Community Question to play favourites:

Who's your favourite soldier in RAD Soldiers and why?

Pick your man/woman of choice in our latest Community Question poll and let us know in your reply why you like your chosen soldier above all others. We look forward to your replies!

The first RAD Soldiers Reviews are in!

After already having received a lot of great feedback from our players in their App Store reviews, we're delighted to see that the first wave of press reviews is really positive too.

Here's a slice from PocketGamer's review, where RAD Soldiers not only received 9/10 but also their prestigious Gold Award:

New RAD Soldiers Game Update: Free RAD Bux, Store Lock-ups, and more!

Commanders, listen up! We've put together a new update for RAD Soldiers addressing a lot of the early feedback we received following the worldwide release. Among other things, we've fixed an issue where you’re not credited the proper amount of free RAD Bux when leveling up (better yet, you'll receive any missed RAD Bux retroactively) as well as an issue where the store wouldn't open correctly. On the gameplay side, the Deployable Cover ability is now limited to once per match, while Sneaky Pete's Headshot ability no longer affects SMGs in undue ways.

Here’s the full changelog:

Community Question: How do you want in-game chat to work in RAD Soldiers?

Community, in-game chat has been one of the most request new features in RAD Soldiers. We're looking into adding this to the game in a future update, but since there's a few different ways to go about this, we'd like to know from you how you want this chat functionality to work. Enter today's Community Question:

What kind of in-game chat do you want in RAD Soldiers?

New RAD Soldiers Update adds Performance Optimisations for Challenges and iPod touch

Listen up, Commanders! A new update for RAD Soldiers is now available via the App Store, and it contains a bunch of performance related tweaks and fixes.

Chiefly, this update addresses the periodic slowdowns in a few of the single player challenges, which were reported by some of you. We've also got a small bundle of performance tweaks for those of you playing RAD Soldiers on the iPod touch, so you should now have a much better experience. And last, but certainly not least, starting with this update, all of RAD Soldiers is now hosted in the App Store, so you'll now be able to play all of the maps right after your download finishes, without having to wait for the content delivery network to serve you the rest.

For reference and those who like bulleted lists, here's the full changelog:

Dirty Bomb Closed Alpha Officially Begins - Join Today!

Get ready to deploy, Soldier! We’re hugely excited to announce that the Dirty Bomb Closed Alpha has officially begun, and we’ve started mailing out alpha keys to members of the Dirty Bomb Founder’s Club. If you’ve already joined up, keep checking your inbox. If you’re dying to get into the Closed Alpha, visit the Founder’s Club website. You’ll be directly supporting Dirty Bomb’s development, and are able to shape what the game becomes through your feedback.